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African-American Girl holding an Ice Face Baby Ageless Ball and Ageless Oil

How big is the ball of ice?

Each mold is 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches and makes a 2.5-inch translucent ice sphere.


How long does an Ice Face, Baby! Ball lasts? Is it reusable?

Yes, it is reusable and your Ice Face, Baby! Ball can last between 6 and 8 uses.

But don't worry, you can always empty your ball and try a new blend, or pour a new mix to get that gorgeous, curved shape back. Each of our blends can be used to make up to 10 balls.


Is it hygienic to reuse it?

Yes! As long as you follow some basic guidelines. While most bacteria can't grow in freezing temperatures, it's better to take extra steps to make sure your Ice Face, Baby! lasts a long time.

  1. Use pure filtered water to make your blends.
  2. Always wash your face and hands before each use.
  3. Make sure to store your Ice Ball with the lid closed and away from food.
  4. Thoroughly wash your ball before making a new blend.

It is important to note that while there can be a level of cross-contamination with ice, the health risks associated are minimal.


How to pick my blends?

We have a special blend for each one of your skin's needs! You can choose depending on your skin type or taking into consideration what skin concerns you want to address.

  • Relax, baby! – Sensitive skin, inflammation, blemishes
  • Hydrate, Baby! – Combination skin, dull complexion, inflammation
  • Protect, Baby! – Dry skin, hyperpigmentation, dark circles
  • Antiaging, Baby! – Aging skin, fine lines, dark spots
  • Oil control, Baby! – Oily skin, acne, hyperpigmentation
  • Glow Boost, Baby! – Combination skin, dull complexion
  • Smooth, Baby! – Dry skin, fine lines, tired appearance
  • Plump, Baby! – Aging skin, fine lines, uneven texture
  • Ageless, Baby! – Mature skin, fine lines, dull complexion
  • Detox, Baby! Oily skin, clogged pores, uneven texture

3 Ice Face Baby balls with Smooth, Ageless and Antiaging blends


Are the ingredients safe for skincare?

Yes. Our special blends are made with 100% natural, totally organic, cruelty-free ingredients from India and Brazil. Our supplier is FDA compliant, and we make sure to provide you with the best quality for safe products.


When should I use Ice Face, Baby?

Anytime you want! Due to its texture and properties, you'll get the most out of its benefits from using it after your skin cleansing and before any serums or toners. In the morning is perfect for priming your makeup and at night to guarantee your skin is absorbing and sealing in your favorite products!


How much should I fill my mold?

Use your funnel to fill it just below the hole on top. This allows the mold to over-expand slightly and you'll get a lovely round shape.


How long will my powdered blend last?

Blends included in the Starter Kits and Refills are 10 gr. and can make up to 10 Ice Face, Baby! Balls. It depends on how much you use it and how often you replace your blend.


What kind of water should I use for my blend?

We recommend you use pure filtered water to make your blends.


For how long should I use my Ice Face, Baby?

We recommend you use it from 1 to 2 minutes, making circular movements around your face in 30 second gaps.

Remember cold can burn the skin. Exposing your skin to too much cold can cause tingling, numbing, hardness, and a pinkish hue. Moderation is essential for many skin types, so try it for less than a minute the first couple of times. If you feel a burning sensation or any discomfort while applying ice, please stop the procedure and consult a doctor.


Is it safe to use if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, but we always encourage you to ask your dermatologist for advice before starting any new skincare routine. Be especially cautious if you have a particularly sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea or any other serious skin condition.

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