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Our Ingredients

All our ingredients are 100 % natural, certified with ISO 22000, USDA Organic, fragrance free, and cruelty free, without preservatives.
Each one of our blends are made by grinding and drying the high quality ingredients. 


Antiaging, Baby! Blend: Organic Hibiscus powder ( Hibiscus Subdariffa).
Relax, Baby! Blend: 100% natural rose petal powder (Rosa Centifolia).
Hydrate, Baby! Blend: Organic Aloe Vera Powder (Aloe Barbadensis).
Plump, Baby! Blend: Hydrolyzed Collagen powder.
Oil Control, Baby! Blend: 100% natural orange peel powder.
Protect, Baby! Blend: 100% Wild Turmeric powder (Kasthuri Manjai), Hydrolyzed Collagen powder.
Glow Boost, Baby! Blend: Papaya Leaves powder (Carica Papaya), 100% Natural Banana peel, Aloe Vera gel powder 200X,  Hyaluronic acid (from sodium hyaluronate), Hydrolyzed Collagen powder.
Smooth, Baby! Blend:  Freeze- dried avocado pulp powder.

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