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Love this product

Arrived on time . Easy to make and just so happy to have added this to my skin routine. I got the aloe and tummeric and it has helped my skin tremendously

I absolutely love it!

Makes my skin glow, minimize pores and leaves my skin feel smooth and revitalize.


I have noticed much improvement in my skin as far as hydration, less redness …


The Anti-Aging Kit came in pretty quickly, even being overseas. I love using it AM and PM with my skincare routine. Customer service was perfect when I got the wrong spare powder that I'd ordered and sent the correct one promptly. I look forward to using the charcoal one next. My skin has been loving this addition to my routine. 10/10 Recommend.

Love it

My skin glows and my makeup looks amazing!

Such an awesome product

So happy with my ice roller ball thingy. 🙌🏼 soo many benefits and also effective for anxiety 🥰

I’m amazed!!

My 7yo talked me into these for Christmas. I got us each a set. Her skin is perfect anyway but MINE WAS/IS glowing and poreless! Once you get used to the cold, it’s worth it.


Using in the morning & night!

Absolutely LOVE these products!

I bought the anti-aging kit and I'm obsessed! My skin is glowing after one week of use!! Can't wait to try all the blends!


I love these products! They have already improved my skin!

I’ve used ALL the ice rollers and this one is BETTER!!

I have a regular old ice roller, the globes, and even all those vibrating anti-aging face tools. And Ice Face Baby turned out to be BETTER than all of them.

I wasn’t expecting it, but it was immediately obvious – here’s what happened in my case…

✅ It’s colder than all the other tools I own, which actually really had an impact on my skin. I can immediately see my skin perking up, evening out, and just getting the benefit of the ice INSTANTLY. (With all my other rollers that takes 3-5 minutes of rolling, with this it takes like 15 seconds).

✅ I love that it’s INFUSED with good ingredients…Products always seem to just “sit on top” of my skin. This seems to be sinking in, at least I assume that’s what happened. Normally I’d have super dry, flaky skin this time of year (it’s freezing here), but this year it miraculously hasn’t happened and we’re well into winter.

✅ I actually use it as a face wash replacement. Particularly in the morning, when I’m not taking any makeup off my skin. All face washes dry me out, especially in the winter. So I use this in the morning instead of face wash and it’s incredible! Like seriously, I think it lifts my mood and everything. I have less stressful days, I get a pick me up in the morning, and it makes my skin legit GLOW.

I had to share all this because I honestly wasn’t expecting anything other than a fun little ball I could pop in the freezer. But it has really been a game changer for me!!

One last thing – the formulas they give you to mix in with the ice last FOREVER. Like seriously, this works out to be the beauty tool that costs the least per use and has the biggest (near-instant) effect! Give this thing a chance, follow the instructions, try it for at least a week…and I think you’ll see what I see!


I'm so in love with this product I use it every single night and my skin looks amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

I´ve using this for about 2 weeks now day and night . My face feels so healthy and hydrated ❤❤

it has helped a lot with my morning puffiness.

It is helping with my rosacea 🙏


I used to be that one girl who made a kitchen mess to infuse some ice with cucumber and aloe vera. I'm so happy with how easy to make this is. Literally just need to mix and freeze. No more blenders and weird food scraps all over my sink. This is it!

Great smell

the scent of this powders is amazing and it leaves my face looking glow and full of life.

Perfect makeup primer

OMG I love this product so much!! Priming with the oil infuse ice ball makes my makeup just glow.

My face stays chill as I put on my products afterwards

Your skin will love it!

This is my number one morning routine, living in wisconsin my skin in winter gets extremely dry, I noticed my skin been looking so healthy and glowing after I been using this product helps with hydration, redness even my pores look smaller. I am obsessed 🖤

I had some trouble making my first ball, but after I figured it out WOAH it feels amazing on my skin and I love the color

I love it!

This product has the cutest presentation (great Christmas present!) and is AMAZING for your face! I've noticed sooo many changes since I've started using this product. My face is brighter, smother, more even...YES less tiny little wrinkles!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I've been using this kit to control my hormonal acne, and the change is amazing. My breakouts are going away faster and they look less inflamed.

I got this for my mom's birthday and she loves it! It's been really helping with her undereye bags and she loves the chill sensation after. I'll be buying one for myself soon.

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