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How to use

How to use your ICE FACE, Baby!?

 Once your blend is totally firm, open the top lid.

Wash your face with your usual cleanser.
Slightly wet your hand and dampen the Ice Ball to make sure the dry part doesn’t stick to your face.
Rub the Ice Ball with circular movements all over your face, around 30 second on each side. Avoid leaving the ice in one spot, always keep moving!
Enjoy the ICE, Baby!


    • You can repeat the process for 1 or 2 minutes more.
    • Once you’ve finished, gently pat your face with a clean towel. Avoid scrubbing.
    • Place back in the freezer for your next application
    • Apply your skin care routine! This is the best moment because your face circulation has improved, and you can get extra absorption of the product.

    We suggest you use ICE FACE, Baby when you wake up as part of your morning routine and at night before your skin care routine.


    If you feel a burning sensation or any discomfort while applying ice, please stop the procedure and consult a doctor.

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